Frequently asked questions

Who designed products you sell and who is doing production?
All products are designed and developed by company Metaloobrada. We are also doing production inside our company.

Will License Plate fit on my Harley Davidson?
Yes it will. We designed License Plate for each Harley Davidson type. Our License Plates are not multifit - they are designed for each H-D type separately. If you feel insecure or if you made some custom modifications on your bike, please send us pictures on and we will check it.

License plate for my country looks different then the one on the picture (bigger/smaller).
We support dimensions for ALL countries and based on size we also make modifications on license plate and registration plate holder. For the same reason we included input field where you should include your county of residence and your license plate dimensions.

What is Custom License Plate?
This is our most wanted product and we offer our clients a custom design. If you would like to have your company logo inside license plate holder or something completely different please send your ideas on and we will get back to you with sketches and offer. Prices can be different but only in special cases.

I don't have Harley Davidson but I would like to have such License Plate.
We have mounted our license plate on other motorcycles as well and this is possible. Please send us your motorcycle model/pictures on and we will do our best to make it happened.

How much do you charge for shipping?
For most of our products shipping cost is around 22€. To find exact prices click Add to Cart button.

How long does it take to be delivered?
Our default shipping method is economic and for European countries usually takes 12 working days and for all other countries 17 working days.

Do you support faster shipping methods?
Yes we can ship faster. Please contact us on to find out prices and available options.

Can I pay with a Credit Card?
Yes you can. We are using PayPal which supports Credit Cards payments.

Can I ask tax return?
Croatian tax is 25% and all European companies can request tax return. For that you need to send us your EURI number and company info. EURI number from Metaloobrada is HR56430451732